Detachable Rivet Gun Drill Adapter

$44.99 $89.99

Want to drill and pull rivets more quickly and effortlessly?

No more stress on hands with this rivet gun adapter. 

The Detachable Rivet Gun, which works with the electric drill, is a high-quality professional tool used to fasten all kinds of sheet metal, pipes in areas of the manufacturing industrial fastening, home repair, installation, and repair services.

  • No Stress on hands: The ergonomic design and smooth functioning prevent your hands from damaging in the long run, including prevention from arthritis.
  • Pocket-sized: The fact that this electric gun adapter is just the size of your pocket makes it portable to be taken anywhere without a special box or pouch.
  • Faster: The convenient design and easy-to-fit adapter make the riveting faster and firmer in lesser time than the traditional rivet guns.
  • Increase Productivity: Ensures high productivity and improve your return on investment with the very low installation cost
  • Efficiency: The rivets do not drop out. Quick-release and installation, excellent ergonomics, great strength, and great added features
  • Convenient & Labor Saving: Contrasted with the traditional riveter, the insert nut makes tasks so easy when connected with a drill, reducing user fatigue
  • Wide Usage: Compact size and weight for areas of the manufacturing industrial fastening. Applicable to all kinds of sheet metal, pipes. Reduced user fatigue. (SUGGESTION: PLEASE ADJUST THE DRILL TO MAXI TORSION AND LOW SPEED FOR LONGER SERVICE LIFE.)


  • MultifunctionalThis rivet gun can be combined with various types of power tools.
  • Easy to Use: Quick release and installation. With the power of drill, you can drill, pull rivets and screw quickly just pull the trigger and don’t waste a rivet.
  • Rich Accessories: 4pcs Nozzle size is 3/32″, 1/8″, 5/32″, and 3/16″. They applied to different sizes of rivets
  • Lower Noise: Built-in anti-noise system to protect your ears and reduce the drilling damage from noise
  • Long Life: All metal construction designed internal and ABS engineering plastic cover.
  • Save Space: Small size takes up less space in the toolbox than hand riveters


  • Durable with a high-hardness aluminum casting housing.
  • Comfortable grip and is not tired for long hours of work.
  • Alloy steel forged pipe head, durable, labor-saving, and efficient.
  • High-strength connecting rod for better matching with the gun drill.
  • The handle is made of hard plastic and the surface is non-slip.


✅Adjust the electric drill to the appropriate gear position.
✅Open the drill clip, insert the adapter, positive rotation, clamp the connector.
✅Turn on the reverse rotation function of the drill until you hear the sound of “dadada”, then put the rivet of the appropriate size.
✅Turn on the positive rotation function, align the holes, and insert the rivets.
✅Turn on the reverse rotation function and exit the rivet.


  • 1* Professional Rivet Gun Adapter Kit with 4Pcs (Blind riveting gun *1 +handle *1+wrench*1+rivet head*4)